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Contingent Workers Help Bridge the Gap During an FTE Hiring Freeze

May 29, 2020 3:59:34 PM

During times of economic uncertainty or widespread market disruption, it is not uncommon for organizations to impose some form of hiring freeze for full time employees or full-time equivalents. Freezing hiring for all non-essential positions can give an organization the opportunity to consolidate current employee rosters and restructure departments to minimize labor costs while protecting core operational capability. However, operating during a hiring freeze doesn’t have to hamstring your ability to optimize workforce efficiency. Leveraging contingent workers offers a good workaround during a hiring freeze. Here are a number of ways how contingent workers can help bridge the gap.

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Be Aware of the Hidden Risks Involved with Misclassified SOW Workers

May 29, 2020 3:42:40 PM

Misclassification of SOW labor is a special kettle of fish. While there is a wealth of information to underscore the risks and consequences of independent contractor (IC) misclassification, there seems to be far less out there on the risks of misclassification of SOW vendors/resources. Let us examine the specific classification pitfalls inherent in leveraging SOW services so as to avoid painful consequences for your operation.

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How Will Growth of Online Learning Influence Contingent Labor in Higher Education?

May 28, 2020 2:04:21 PM

Like so many other industries, the Higher Education industry is sailing through uncharted waters when it comes to the use and utilization of contingent labor resources in a pandemic age. Prior to the outbreak of COVID-19, Higher Ed had been working to strike the most effective balance between the stability of full-time, tenure-track faculty and the flexibility of contingent workers. However, the overnight and wholesale flight of education from the “dirt world” to the digital/online world has upended the conventional wisdom on how to approach contingent labor utilization in Higher Ed. While there is no clear direction forward, here are some considerations for those tasked with managing workforce for institutions of higher learning.

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Remembering ALL Those Who Fought and Died

May 22, 2020 3:30:00 PM

Marking the annual Memorial Day observance takes on a somber new significance in today’s pandemic-gripped world. With the death toll of COVID-19 climbing towards 100,000 in the US alone, many observers have pointed out that the current number represents nearly twice as many Americans as were lost during the Viet Nam War. A truly sobering statistic when one considers that the loss of Americans in Viet Nam took nearly 20 years to compile while COVID has killed as many in the space of a few months.

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How Do MSP Solutions Cut Costs and Promote Cost Savings?

May 22, 2020 1:19:42 PM

Managing contingent labor is very different than managing HR for full time workers for a number of critical reasons. Perhaps your organization is leaning on contingent resources to address cyclical or seasonal peaks and valleys. Or maybe you have periodic need for talent in specialized areas or you have frequent short-term staffing needs that would not be appropriate to fill with full time workers. Whatever the case, it can be complicated to manage multiple, specialized staffing vendors and the budgeting process that goes with it. In any of these cases, the Managed Service Provider or MSP could be just the solution you need to capture cost savings in the management of contingent workforce resources.

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This Living Document Provides Up-to-the-Minute Details on Statewide Stay at Home Orders

May 20, 2020 2:04:05 PM

Like so many elements of contingent workforce management, “return to work protocols” – the laws, rules and guidelines produced by each different state to manage the reopening of the US economy shuttered by the COVID-19 pandemic – differ widely state by state.

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A Shining Example of How to Approach COVID-19 Driven Staff Reductions

May 15, 2020 2:41:43 PM

AirBnB CEO Brian Chesky demonstrated the very model for how to approach the unhappy task of staffing reductions due to the pandemic in the most affirmative way possible. These are excruciating conversations to have and it can be difficult to find the right words/actions to use if you’re in the unenviable position of having to make these cuts within your workforce. We both commend and recommend this method for taking these tough steps within your organization’s workforce. Here’s the synopsis of his letter and process.

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Revisiting the Impact of Online Learning on Higher Ed Contingent Workforce Hiring in a COVID-19 World

May 14, 2020 3:47:04 PM

Toward the end of 2018, nextSource Blog published an article highlighting the robust growth of online study and the impact of this trend on the utilization of contingent workforce assets among higher education organizations. Today, as students all over the world are forced to engage in studies online due to COVID-19, we are reexamining how this trend has accelerated to light speed almost overnight. What are the ramifications for hiring authorities within higher education as this wholesale shift changes how schools operate?

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