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Examine the Efficacy of MSP Vendors in Light of COVID Stressors

Jun 24, 2020 11:15:22 AM

Staffing industry experts, like many other industry experts, are looking for the silver lining in the clouds of the pandemic. While there is nothing positive about the death and economic destruction wrought by the novel Coronavirus, there are some benefits that can be teased out of the destruction. For example, the stresses put upon existing business processes and practices are revealing the relative strength and weakness of many operations.

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How COVID-19 is impacting HIPAA and ADA Compliance

May 1, 2020 6:10:11 PM

Add the following concern to the myriad ways COVID-19 is prompting wholesale changes in the ways we live and work - how the staffing industry addresses the lawful disclosure of health information under HIPAA and ADA guidelines in the midst of a global pandemic. Read on for some information on the circumstances under which employers are permitted to disclose information related to an employee or contractor’s exposure and infection with COVID-19 under the existing regulations enunciated by the 1996 Health Insurance Portability and Accountability Act (HIPAA) and the Americans with Disabilities Act (ACA)

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Remaining Relevant, Sourcing Millennial Talent for Healthcare Roles

Sep 25, 2018 1:49:40 PM

The good news is the once acute shortage of nurses plaguing the healthcare field has been mitigated thanks to the record numbers of Millennial generation men and women electing to embrace nursing as a career. The bad news (for workforce planners tasked with recruiting talent into healthcare organizations at least) is that the game has changed significantly regarding how to effectively tap source and retain these critical assets. What’s changed and how can you harness the new paradigm if you’re in charge of attracting fresh talent to healthcare organizations?

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When it Comes to Total Talent Management, There’s Something About Healthcare

Apr 5, 2018 10:38:14 AM

Often described as the “holy grail” of workforce management, total talent management is defined as the integration and engagement of the full range of talent sources into a single, comprehensive workforce management regime. The talent sources involved typically include non-employee workers like temps, independent contractors, consultants, freelancers, volunteers, outsourced resources and even non-human resources like robots, drones, and artificial intelligence. The ability to plan, administer and manage all these worker types harmoniously and efficiently in pursuit of business goals is total workforce management and the healthcare industry has it down cold! What factors contribute to healthcare’s ability to realize this goal and how can other industries emulate this success?

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EOR Services: A Simple Solution for Consolidating Healthcare Float Pools

Jul 5, 2017 4:46:38 PM

Consolidation in the field of healthcare continues unabated, and hospital mergers continue to present interesting challenges for those responsible for hospital workforce management. One of the most prevalent of these challenges is the consolidation of float pools as two hospitals merge into one. Here’s a breakdown of the challenge and some information on what can be done to mitigate the issue.

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After M&A Spike, How Compliant is the Healthcare Workforce?

Jun 9, 2017 10:38:50 AM

In 2015 and 2016, the healthcare industry saw an unprecedented spike in mergers and acquisitions. With ever-tightening profit margins, healthcare companies are consolidating to gain greater economies of scale and increase purchasing power. So far this year, the record-breaking trend has continued with high profile mergers between large organizations like Baptist Memorial Healthcare and Mississippi Baptist Health, which merged to create one of the county’s largest nonprofits. Cardinal Health bought Medtronic’s Patient Care, Deep Vein Thrombosis and nutritional insufficiency businesses for $2.1 billion. OptumCare acquired Surgical Care Affiliates for an eye-popping $2.3 billion. While all this healthcare M&A activity may be good for the bottom line, it also opens the door to risks that could put these savings and efficiencies at considerable risk. 

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