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Another Look at the Benefits of Workforce Diversity

Jan 17, 2018 4:58:51 PM

In 2014, we wrote a series of articles expounding on the benefits of diversity in the workforce. While it may have seemed that we’d made great strides toward achieving a “post-racial” society that lives up to our cultural rhetoric about being a melting pot and a true meritocracy, many would argue there is still much to be done toward the goal of social equity in the workforce and in broader society at large. So, considering this week’s celebration Dr. Martin Luther King Day, we’re examining the benefits of diversity in the workforce as a means to promote its pursuit beyond the tax benefits associated with diversity staffing.

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The Value of Face-to-Face Meetings with Your Staffing Suppliers

Jun 28, 2017 2:43:59 PM

The human capital business is all about people. So why would you de-humanize the process of supplier management when your success is based on the positive relationships you foster with all stakeholders, from talent to staffing suppliers and everyone in between? The best, most successful managed services programs (MSPs) enjoy true partnerships between the program team and the staffing suppliers supporting the program’s needs. 

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Gaining Perspective on Open Door Policies

Jun 21, 2017 2:39:20 PM

In today’s corporate culture, the idea that a workforce management organization should have an “open door policy” is widely recognized and theoretically rewarded. But, what does adopting such a seemingly affirmative policy mean to the everyday manager, employee and organization? Is it right for your organization? Read on for the pros and cons of the “open door policy.”

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