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What It Means to Be a Keystone Partner

Aug 15, 2017 11:01:56 PM

Last week, nextSource announced the winners of this year’s Keystone Partner Awards. This program recognizes those suppliers demonstrating the highest levels of customer engagement and the capacity to deliver the best quality talent. Named for the central building block situated at the summit of an arch which locks the whole arch structure together, the Keystone Partner Award is bestowed upon top performing suppliers without whom, workforce management structures would lack the critical cohesion needed for success.

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Why Vendor Neutrality Ensures Supplier Success

Jul 19, 2017 2:35:35 PM

The role of suppliers in the services supply chain ecosystem has evolved significantly since the advent of the MSP (managed services program). World-class MSPs recognize the critical importance of strong and mutually profitable supplier partnerships when it comes to delivering value and efficiency to their customers. What follows are some best practices to help any MSP ensure strong and lasting supplier partnerships.

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The Value of Face-to-Face Meetings with Your Staffing Suppliers

Jun 28, 2017 2:43:59 PM

The human capital business is all about people. So why would you de-humanize the process of supplier management when your success is based on the positive relationships you foster with all stakeholders, from talent to staffing suppliers and everyone in between? The best, most successful managed services programs (MSPs) enjoy true partnerships between the program team and the staffing suppliers supporting the program’s needs. 

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