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Staffing Industry Braces for Surge in Demand for Contract Workers as Online Higher Education Enrollment Poised to Explode

Mar 26, 2020 4:28:43 PM

For the last several years, nextSource has reported periodically on the increased use of contract workers in the Higher Education industry. We’ve also written at length about the rise of online education and how the staffing industry was forced to grapple with yet another industry competing for contract workers with the technical skill sets required to build out and maintain online learning systems. With the current COVID-19 crisis forcing nearly all activities into the cyber space, will Higher Education organizations see a spike in new online learning enrollments? Let’s examine the trends for some evidence to support this possibility.

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Online Education Driving Higher Ed Contingent Workforce

Oct 25, 2018 3:33:37 PM

Often, the flexibility and freedom enabled by a well-designed contingent workforce compels innovation and change within an industry. Yet sometimes, as in the case of the higher education industry, pioneering changes drive the need for more smartly designed workforce management plans. Let’s examine the very interesting dynamics unfolding within higher education and how they’re driving growth and improvement in workforce planning practices.

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Without Procurement/HR Collaboration, Higher Ed Misses Cost Savings and Faster Fulfillment

May 17, 2018 4:13:43 PM

My team and I derived many valuable insights from attending a recent event focusing on procurement trends in higher education. We learned a great deal about the dynamics surrounding contingent workforce management challenges facing the higher education industry. This blog focuses on the struggles with procurement of contingent labor and some potential solutions we developed after careful consideration of the dynamics in play.

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