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Unique Advantage

Specialized Solutions for Higher Ed & Healthcare Organizations

nextSource has established UniqueAdvantage, a team of specialists dedicated to supporting the needs of Higher Education institutions and their medical colleges and universities as well as their associated hospitals and research institutes. Our team members average over 23 years of experience in solving the unique workforce challenges within this space.

Unique Solutions

With experience and a deep understanding of the working nuances of healthcare and education institutions - two community cornerstones - UniqueAdvantage delivers the right talent at the right time. This, in tandem with exclusive economic inclusion and diversity recruitment programs, helps education and healthcare organizations fulfill and exceed their community commitments.

  • Healthcare Systems:

As a leading provider of workforce solutions to the Healthcare industry, the UniqueAdvantage team responds to the latest trends and industry challenges in Healthcare to ensure we are more than just a provider, but a strategic partner for our clients. We’ve partnered with niche staffing agencies that specialize in sourcing clinical resources. Our MSP solution is both flexible and agile to work with you through fluctuations in hiring needs and industry regulations. We can introduce you to some of the best, new, non-traditional sources of talent to help you build an integrated workforce. We’ve customize our EOR and IC Compliance services to provide a solution for the rapid movement towards virtual care and remote work. Now, more than ever, we understand our client’s need for dynamic and adaptable workforce planning. Let us help guide you through these challenging times.

  • Higher Education:

For over 15 years, the UniqueAdvantage team has worked with Higher Education institutions providing specialized services in workforce solutions. We are committed to keeping a pulse on industry trends and market changes to guide our client’s appropriately. The current Higher Ed environment is proving more challenging than ever. The move to virtual learning, uncertainties of enrollment, financial instability and the importance of IT infrastructure are some of the many trends we are weaving into our customized MSP, EOR and IC Management solutions. Every institution of higher education is being forced to act quickly and pivot they way things were done to not just survive but thrive during these evolving economic times. Give our team the chance to help.

Economic Inclusion & Diversity

Based on years of successful implementation at multiple universities, Unique Advantage establishes workforce development programs to recruit, hire and train from within disadvantaged neighborhoods of local communities and other areas surrounding our academic clients. Our team provides community liaison representatives who work closely with community/civic organizations, business groups, churches, technology centers, educational institutions, cultural centers, local media, government agencies and client universities to successfully achieve the goals and objectives of the Unique Advantage Community Workforce Development Programs.


Our UniqueAdvantage team sits in Philadelphia, located at:

3624 Market St.

Suite 1SD

Philadelphia, PA 19104

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